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I never had any interests in music that much. I had always been good at rememering lyrics, but I never felt an urge to learn an instrument. That was 'till I heard Johnny Cash for the first time. The song "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash made me a fan right away. That very same day I picked up a guitar and started playing. I couldn't get enough of Johnny Cash's music. It was so simple, yet deep. It was so sad, yet hopeful. First I tried learning the intro to Folsom Prison Blues and play some chords. After that I started singing. I'd go practice with my grandfather every day and to this day, we still do. After practicing the guitar and learning how to sing for 2 years, we released the first EP.

LN Records

I was approached by Lex Nelissen who had a little record company. He wanted to give me a chance by releasing a few songs and see how it'd go. He introduced me to Bryan Raets (who now also plays in the band) and he would produce the songs. We got some of the best musicians from around and recorded 5 songs. 4 originals and 1 cover. We ended up releasing this EP on October 11th 2020 called "Damiën van Elburg". The song "Stay Away From That Whiskey" would go to do very well for a debut single and ended up placing number 1 in the L1MBO Top 10 (L1 Charts) for 2 months. It would also end up on number 1 in the L1MBO Top 10 of 2021. After this unexpected success we wanted to go on a tour through the Netherlands. Unfortunately covid-19 had broke out and everything was closed. Lex still made sure we got to do our show in Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen. A beautiful theatre and I had always dreamed of playing there. Unfortunately on November 13th Lex Nelissen passed away at 72. I owe him a lot and he is the first one that gave me a chance.


Altough my music career basically started at the beginning of covid, there are still some places we played that I'm pretty proud of!

-Landgraaf Live 2021: The band (Siem Adema & Bryan Raets) and me were the fortunate ones to do Waylon's support act.

-PLT Heerlen 2021: I had always dreamed of doing a show at this theatre and in July of 2021 it came true. This year (2022) we're coming back with a new show!

-Pinkpop 2022: I got an invitation from IBA to play in their bus at Pinkpop. A special day!

-ParkCity Live 2022: This one was so special. Damiën van Elburg & The band (Siem Adema, Bryan Raets, Giorgio Stienstra and Boaz-Isaak Mauritz) played in the "Adiee Lex" tent. We had a blast. The crowd was amazing and we hope to be back next year.

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